Xenoblade Fans Got Hoed

Wow, generic anime graphics? You shouldn’t have.

Admittedly, I know nothing of Xenoblade Chronicles. I don’t see myself rectifying that anytime soon. I only happened upon Kotaku’s article and was a bit curious to see how things were going, maybe tell a friend. So while I arguably don’t have the position to say much on the series i.tself, I think I’m allowed some words about the art direction.

What the fuck is that? There’s something about it that just doesn’t pay homage. I hazard to say it’s kind of disrespectful. Can it be said that the comparison is foolhardy? That the dated graphics were that age’s “generic anime” style and that it’s just distasteful to complain? Sure. But it doesn’t change the fact that the way the emotion in character’s faces are conveyed are compromised as well.

And if the emotions are stunted, the visual storytelling is going to be a bit off too. From what I hear, that’s Xenoblade Chronicles’ whole bag, so why fumble that?

How y’all feeling about it?

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